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Choosing The Right Mattress For Lower Back Pain! »

Suffering from lower back pain that doesn’t seem to be getting better? Your mattress may have worsened or even caused your current ailment. Without the right support, a mattress will force you into a poor sleeping posture, strain muscles, and set your spine out of its proper alignment, causing further back problems. Your body has [...]

3 Tips for Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals and Care Homes! »

Hospitals and care homes are obviously an environment where health and safety concerns are of paramount importance and it is important to undertake every possible action to facilitate increased levels of patient safety. Needless to say, the vulnerability of patients and residents in hospitals and care makes the likelihood of accidents or ill health higher [...]

Importance of Adding Fiber in Our Diet! »

Before I should begin with this new write up on Fiber, Diet and our Health let me tell you all an important incident. Last year I was detected as diabetic and then I suddenly realized the importance of fiber in our diet. It my wife and my doctor, who realized me the importance of fiber [...]

Five Tips to get the Healthier Skin! »

While I was writing my last post for this website, I realized that although make your health was one of my loved projects but still due to time constraint I would not be able to work hard for this. I am still thankful to many people who follow this blog and are a regular visitor [...]

Why don’t we try for Being Healthy? »

I am always surprise to hear this, but it is a fact. Most of the researchers are busy in finding what makes us sick, rather than finding the things which can help us to keep healthy. Is not it surprising? Well, frankly, it is our own fault too. We usually don’t try for staying a [...]

Reap The Benefits of Upping Your Fruit and Veg Intake! »

Fruit and vegetables may not always seem the most appealing food all of the time, but they are an important part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” really does hold true. Of course, now we also know that we need more than just an [...]

Basic Earthquake Survival Tips! »

Earthquake is always threatening us. It becomes one of the devastating natural disasters. Humans have developed an equipment and technology but it seems we cannot find yet the advance warning system for this disaster. Not to mention, earthquake happens in a moment, without warning. Even scientists cannot predict the major earthquake. They only calculate the [...]

Weight loss benefits of a Steam Room! »

In most developed countries obesity is already an important health problem which is widely spread especially in the U.S.A. and Europe. Due to lack of physical activity, most of the time joined by an unbalanced diet and extremely rich in calories, the number of obese people is increasing significantly every day. In some cases extreme [...]

Top Tips For Dealing With Periods! »

This one is for the ladies, no matter how old we are, most of us spend at least a few days every month snarling at any unfortunate person who looks at us the wrong way and surgically attached to a hot water bottle and a slab of chocolate and wow behold any man who makes [...]

The Less is More Workout! »

Sometimes we can make things too complex in life. Instead of just sticking to simple basics, we will add one thing here and one thing there until eventually we become overburdened with too much. This happens a lot at the gym. Where did it all go wrong? Typically at the gym you start with a [...]