Pimples on Face – causes and myths!

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It is possible to acquire pimples on face due to several reasons. Some of the causes for pimples on face are listed out below.

  • The most common reason for pimples on face is the accumulation of dirt and germs. Cleansing your face with mild soap could greatly reduce pimples on face if you have a dry sink find out the best soap for dry skin to avoid irritation.
  • Getting pimples on face is a common occurrence during puberty. The hormonal changes during adolescence bring about drastic changes in the body constitution, which result in various symptoms among which pimples are more obvious ones. It is common to both genders.
  • However, women seem to suffer more because of the menstruation cycle that creates a hormonal imbalance every time.
  • One other well-known reason for getting pimples on the face is the harmful chemicals that are used are used as ingredients in makeup kits. This is why it is important to buy reputed brands when it comes to buying cosmetics. Herbal makeup kits can greatly reduce the chances of getting facial pimples.
  • Stress is yet another factor that catalyzes the development of facial pimples. It is not unusual to find stressed out people with lots of pimples on face.

Some of the most common myths on facial pimples include the following:

  • Pimples are caused as a result of improper diet
  • Pimples are results of unclean bowels
  • Pimples are caused due to raise in temperature of the body
  • Pimples are end results of certain types of allergy
  • Oily skin is the source for pimples
  • Sun baths can cause facial pimples

All of the above statements today have become old woman’s tale. A little knowledge about facial pimples and a little self care can prevent or at lease reduce facial pimples. If you are wondering how to remove dark circles check out the other article by clicking on the link.

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